Imagine you could enter a digital space and discover all different kinds of art by independent artists from all over the world.

Imagine your monthly subscription fee meant these artists get paid a living wage just to create art full time.

Imagine a place where you can discover art by all different kinds of people, in all different kinds of mediums and genres, where popularity and marketability have no influence over what artists can create.

Imagine a space where you can experience experimental art and interact directly with artists and other subscribers to understand and discuss it.

Imagine completely deconstructing our understanding of how art gets made, by whom, for whom, and for what purpose.

What if we could find a way for art to be true art, not a product, and for the arts to be a career any artist can pursue and make a living at.

Imagine: Aspasia
Allie Jessing
Hi, I'm Allie
I'm a multi-disciplinary artist, Utopian philosopher, and the founder of Aspasia, a multi-media streaming platform for independent art. I'm the host of the Utopia-ish Podcast and the creator of the Short Story Long Vlog. It's my dream to change our society to better serve human kind, and, as an artist, it's also my dream to transform the arts industry to support artists right now. I believe that Aspasia Media can do just that.